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Harcourts International

Harcourts International - 125 years


Harcourts Facts

  • Harcourts International Ltd is the largest real estate group in Australia and the fastest growing real estate group in Australasia.
  • Harcourts has been in existence since 1888.
  • You'll find Harcourts In 9 Countries:
  • Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, China & Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, Canada and UAE.
  • Harcourts International Ltd has over 830 offices
  • Harcourts International Ltd has over 6,400 Sales Consultants

We Create Success

Whenever anyone interacts with the organisation, they must be more successful for that interaction. Whether the person is a client, a business owner operating a Harcourts franchise or a receptionist, the organisation is committed to assisting and ensuring that that person achieves their goals, whatever they may be.

Having the very best people is fundamental to Harcourts success

However providing them with the opportunity to be the very best practitioners is equally imperative. The organisation has recognised that a basic human need is growth, both personal and professional. Satisfying this not only delivers on the group's purpose to create success for every individual within the organisation but it also provides a compelling reason for people to stay with the organisation.


The Harcourts Academy

The Harcourts Academy was established in 2000 to provide a vehicle for delivering a range of training programmes, from sales training for new entrants and cadetship's for the future team members, to high level business planning for multi office business owners.


Maintaining industry leadership

Technology, specifically the Internet, has had and will continue to have a profound and far reaching impact on the public, our lifestyles, buying products and services and information gathering therefore creating the greatest opportunity for change and growth of any business.

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