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Tax Depreciation Schedules

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A Tax Depreciation Schedule will save you money!


In fact, we guarantee to do this within the first full 12 months of our report.

We do this by assessing all the items at the investment property some of which are shown above.


If our return is not greater than our fee, we will refund your money, simple as that! 

Throughout the process we will ensure that our reports are in line with your strategies and financial goals.


Once your Tax Depreciation Schedule is completed there is no more to pay. Ever.


Furthermore, if something on the property changes throughout your ownership,

We will update your report free of charge.


By engaging us we will follow the Real Property Matters 5 Steps to ensure we achieve the best possible returns not just for the initial years but for your entire ownership of the investment property.


In fact, we believe that we are that good at our profession and confident that our service will save you in your tax that should you not save money in the first full financial year of your report, we will refund our fee… It’s our Real Guarantee… Simple as that.



Tax Depreciation Hand Book

Tax Depreciation Hand Book