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Prash Nayar

Prash Nayar

Prash is a driven real estate specialist in a specific and effective marketing process to sell your home rather than the promise of a price.

He graduated with a degree in International Business & Marketing, allowing him to integrate a world class system and proven blueprint to his business to achieve the expectations of his clients.

As the official curator of The Real Estate Times he creates a weekly newsletter for everything real estate, business and politics.

To assist his clients in various situations, he also produces a series of interviews to share knowledge and content while supporting local businesses

In his weekly video blog. This also fuels his passion for film making and storytelling through various mediums as well.

“Let’s face it. The future of real estate is here. Embrace it and inject some humanity as we march steadily towards it”

So, what are you waiting for?

Call Prash today and have a chat with him - your perspective on real estate will never be the same again.


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My Achievements: 

  • Bronze Achievement Award – January to March 2017
  • Gold High Achievement pin for the quarter - April to June 2017
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